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On the way to Christmas dinner in 2017 my 22 year old son, Tristan, mentioned that during his music career (which started when he was 12) my only active roles were as a teacher, roady, manager and fan.  He pointed out that he and I had never played together other than songs at home or around a campfire. We decided at that point to start a project together. After a heated debate about who would play bass  and who would play guitar, it was decided that Tristan would play guitar and sing lead vocals with me (his Dad) backing him up with guitar style bass riffs.


My thoughts on filling out this project immediately turned to my little brother Gary for the drummer.  We had played together as teenagers but somehow never built a real project together. I knew from experience that creating music has the ability to heal your soul and he had recently experienced a devastating loss.  I knew that this project would be perfect for all of us


After we all sat down and discussed all of the  reasons that we shouldn’t do this thing, we decided to go for it.  At this point we all agreed on a few things, number one, the most important thing was that we have fun, number two, we would only play good music and number three, we would try our best to hopefully all stay in time.  


Immediately we not only were having fun and staying in time, we found ourselves riding a wave that we could not explain.  Tristan’s newer style of writing backed by a rhythm section that has old school influences, it wasn't long before some college radio stations started playing the songs Ready or Not, Amnesia and Burnt.


Boxcar Graffiti has been described as” the epitome of a tight as f*&^ old school rock and roll show “ and  “ Rock and roll with the perfect blend of cutting edge while anchored by traditional”. We’re still not sure what that means but we are still having fun and are constantly writing and recording in the middle of playing shows whenever we can.


We’re still having fun, we’re still playing good music.


We’re still working on staying in time.  

B O X C A R    G R A F F I T I 

I S. . .

A N D Y . . .                                       B A S S / V O C A L S

G A R Y . . .                                       D R U M S

T R I S T A N . . .                               G U I T A R / V O C A L S

C H E T . . .                                       A U D I O   E N G I N E E R

S H A N E . . .                                   L I G H T   T E C H N I A N

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